Videoblog or vlogs (or vblogging), is a blog that includes video. Regular entries are typically presented in reverse chronological order and often combine embedded video or a video link with supporting text, images, and other meta-data.
Vlogs often take advantage of web syndication to allow for the distribution of video over the Internet using either the RSS or Atom syndication formats, for automatic aggregation and playback on mobile devices and personal computers or smartphones. See video podcast. Though many vlogs are collaborative efforts, the majority of vlogs and vlog entries are authored by individuals (accessed on Wikipedia 17/12/06).
In summary a Vlogs is:
  • Video files over the Internet
  • Anytime, anywhere technology
  • Subscribable content (RSS/XML)
  • New form of expression

Some common vlogs sites


Some good vlogs

Steven Parker
Leigh Blackall