The way we live and work has changed quite dramatically with the advent of the Internet and in particular Web2.0. This is just starting to impact on teaching and learning and there will be great changes in the near future. As educators it is important that we keep up to date with the changes that are occurring so that we can delivery quality educational programs that meet the needs of our students.

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So what will this do to my teaching and my students?

To answer that question is difficult because we all have different environments in which we work and live. We do know that teachers need different skills today than they did even 2 to 3 years ago. The emphasis is still on quality teaching and learning practice, engaging students and making learning relevant but we need to be more timely, flexible and have a new set of skills that allow us to become efficient knowledge workers. Teachers in the 21st Century need to know be aware of technology, social networking and connected learning as people around the world are embracing these technologies.

The younger generation of students learn differently than many teachers and this often makes it is difficult for teachers to respond and also to keep up to date with the constant changes that are occurring with technology. Hopefully this resource will give you the skills necessary to understand how these new technologies may be used in educational delivery and you can explore ways in which to keep abreast of the constant changes. Good luck, it is fun when you get going and if you embrace new teaching and learning technologies you will be enriched and your students will be more engaged.