Korea 2008

Welcome to my lectures on eLearning for January 2008 in Cheonan, South Korea. The focus this year is quite different to the past years and more focused on embedding new technologies for mainstream adopters. It is time we concentrated on embedding eLearning rather than experimenting with the on the ever changing landscape of new technologies. yet this is a difficult task and complex because what is needed is for teachers to change their role from expert centred delivery to facilitating learning experiences.

Photographs of the workshop

eLearning 2008

I have prepared a manual to support the program

Resources to support the program

Day One - Overview of eLearning, current research and the Australian Context
Day Two - 21st Century learning and new tools
Digital story telling
Day three - More tools, learning management systems and mobile learning.
Day four - Virtual world, learning design and designing a program
Day five - Presentation of completed work and summary


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Examples of eLearning programs

Korean energy conservation


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