Learning Management System

A Learning Management System (or LMS) is a software package that enables the management and delivery of online content to learners. Most LMSs are web-based to facilitate "anytime, any place, any pace" access to learning content and administration. Typically an LMS allows for learner registration, delivery of learning activities, and learner assessment in an online environment. More comprehensive LMSs often include tools such as skills-gap analysis, session planning, issueing certificates, and resource allocation (venues, rooms, textbooks, instructors, etc).

LMSs are based on a variety of development platforms, including commercially developed, free and open-source models. Other than the most simple, basic functionality, all LMSs cater to, and focus on different educational, administrative, and deployment requirements. Open source and web-based LMS software solutions are growing fast in the education and business world (adapted from Wikipedia accessed 2/1/07).

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