Head Teacher Program 2008

This page has been developed to support the session on current teaching and learning practice. This is part of the Head Teacher Program for 2008. The focus of this session is to make head teachers aware of current eLearning tools used in teaching and learning.
To complete the exercise for this session find out about the following tools by searching this site. Please Note: of you know about these tools then learn about some of the other tools!:
  • wikis
  • blogs
  • Really Simple Syndication (RSS)
  • social bookmarking: del.icio.us
  • Photosharing e.g Flickr
  • podcasting
  • vlogging
  • Learning management systems

The go to the discussion page and post answers to the questions (threads)

To find out about other tools
  • Adobe Connect
  • video conferencing
  • Virtual Worlds

We will have an Adobe Connect Session with guest speakers who are experts in these areas:
  • Virtual Worlds: Jo Kay
  • Adobe Connect Rory O'Brien
  • Videoconferencing Chris Frossard

Mobile Learning will be covered by watching the recorded Adobe Connect Session from Hot Topics Conversations.

There will also be a demostration of Resource Development Kits and eBeams.